They give up Napoli 3-0 the match against Juventus for not showing up to play due to coronavirus cases

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This was decided by the Italian League. The southern club did not travel to Turin on the recommendation of the health authorities. They also sanction him with the removal of one point.

The Italian Football League announced on Wednesday its decision to consider Napoli lost the match that was to be played in Turin against Juventus on October 4, and that it was not played because the southern club did not travel to have in his campus three positive cases of coronavirus.

The opinion indicates that in addition to decreeing the result 3-0 in favor of Vecchia Signora, it gives the Neapolitans a point lost as an extra penalty for not showing up.

The competition judge did not admit the argument of “force majeure” used by Napoli to justify its decision not to appear at the meeting, despite the fact that it was the local health authorities who asked the club not to travel to the Piedmont capital after the players were isolated to avoid contagion.

On the day the Serie A game was to be played, unusual scenes were experienced at the Allianz Stadium. There, although they knew that Napoli would never arrive, they opened normally and Juventus decided to adjust to the regulations and presented to play.

The referees were also present, looking at the clocks with the local team in the dressing room, although without jumping onto the field of play.

Both the decision of the Neapolitan team not to appear and that of the Federation not to consider the meeting suspended generated this controversial action that now culminates in the decision to consider the meeting lost.

“There are very clear protocols for these situations and they tell you what to do in case of positivity. The work done by the Federation and the Ministry of Health is clear” Andrea Agnelli, president of Juventus, pointed out from the stadium itself, marking the club’s position despite the problem that his rival was going through.

By not traveling to Turin, Napoli did not respect the sports protocol that establishes that a team that manages to present a minimum of 13 players from its squad with a negative coronavirus test, including a goalkeeper, can appear to play despite positive cases you have.

From Naples they warned that they were not allowed to move due to three positive cases of Covid-19 on their campus and that is why they asked for a new date for the match.

“The ASL Napoli 1 center (The regional health system) specified that the necessary conditions do not exist to authorize the transfer of players in isolation to Turin,” explained the club’s president, Aurelio De Laurentis, to the League authorities. Faced with such clear and uninterpretable evidence, it must be taken into account that we have not been authorized to make the trip to Turin due to the determination of the public bodies in charge. “

With this decision of the Court, Juventus is placed in fourth place in the table of the Italian championship, with 7 points, while Napoli is 8th with five units.


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