Besides being the godfather of first person shooter moderno, that is, the game that basically designed the blueprint on which all the proposals of the genre should be based, the original DOOM 1993 is a title that programmers with a lot of free time put to the test to run on platforms other than video games, such as ATMs The calculators.

In fact, the expression ‘It runs DOOM’ It is part of gamer jargon and is used to indicate that someone managed to run the game on some electronic device that was not designed for video games.

In that understanding, the hardware engineer and programmer Foone Turing uploaded a series of videos to his Twitter to show everything he has managed to run in a pregnancy test, included DOOM.

About the first person shooter, Foone first uploaded a video to explain that he still hadn’t found a way to run the game in real time, but he showed that he succeeded play a pre-recorded video.

‘I still can’t run DOOM. It’s going to be difficult and I may have to cheat and end up connecting a modern computer … but I can play a DOOM videoWhich is pretty close, isn’t it? ‘he wrote in a tweet.

But a day later he uploaded another video to report that got the game running in real time.

‘I had several retweets and posts on Reddit yesterday for playing DOOM on a pregnancy test. But as I explained, it wasn’t actually playing games, it was just a video playing, not an interactive situation. But hey, now here it is. DOOM on a pregnancy test! ‘the tweet reads.

Now what we are left thinking is that waiting for the result of a test may no longer be just a moment of tension, but also one for liquidate demons having that tension on top.

Or maybe it serves to make the dad joke ‘Boy, girl or devil?’.