Yesterday Sony made it official that next Wednesday, September 16 there will be a new company event to reveal more details about the PS5, where according to rumors there will be announcements about new games that will arrive later on the platform, and where we will also have how The highlight is the revelation of the price and the market launch.

This week, Xbox not only announced the price and release date of Series X, but also presented the Xbox Series S, a console with many technologies that will come in Series X, but with the difference that this console is exclusively for digital content, in addition to being smaller and currently available in white.

The S Series also has an official price and release date, being even much cheaper than the X Series and hitting the market with an attractive price of $ 299.

When will the PS5 go on sale?

Shortly after Sony’s announcement about its event on Wednesday, the Amazon store in Japan made a slight mistake that could have anticipated information that will be revealed in a few days, as the company uploaded some accessories for PS5 along with its release date, which indicates that it will be on November 20.

What is striking is that Amazon quickly deleted the evidence from the site, but since the Internet does not forget, Gizmodo Japan managed to get a screenshot with the accessories, prices and date when they will go on sale.

Credit: Gizmodo Japan

It’s hard to think that PS5 accessories will go on sale before the console, so there is strong reason to believe that the PS5 will go on sale in Japan and other countries around the world on November 20.

If so, then the Sony console would arrive only 10 days after the launch of the new Xbox, and if from that day it goes on sale in Mexico then Mexican users could perhaps buy it during the Good End.

Hopefully all these details are officially revealed at next Wednesday’s event, where the price will undoubtedly be the news that everyone wants to know.