A few days ago the new iPad Air was officially presented, which for the second time in history debuts the new Apple processor before the iPhone. A14 Bionic in fact, it claims to be the first mobile chip built under 5 nanometers, something we hope will happen with the Snapdragon 875 early next year. However, the performance test of AnTutu, which is one of the most popular programs for this type of measurements, has already been leaked, and the results have been interesting.

According to the filtration, the iPhone 12 Pro Max It is slightly superior to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, something to be expected, although in most parameters they have a very similar performance. What is striking is that the A14 Bionic has failed to come close to the Snapdragon 865+ score in AnTutu’s performance tests.

Filtration has been posted on Twitter by Ice Universe, which is one of the most popular leakers in recent years, and where we can see that the score obtained for what will be the best Apple phone in 2020 is 572,333 points, while the Snapdragon 865+ that was launched on the market A few months ago he had a performance in AnTutu of 667,253 points.

Should this concern us?

In Unocero we have always mentioned that the performance tests are a test of the power that the processor can achieve with maximum demand, however, very rarely are we going to ask so much from the processor of a smartphone. Ice Universe itself mentions that this result is reasonable because Apple has wanted to focus on something more than just performance with the new A14 Bionic, since it seeks this processor to further reduce power consumption and improve performance in artificial intelligence.

On the other hand, we must not forget that in a phone not everything is hardware, since the software plays an important role, and achieving a good integration and optimization between one and the other is key to having a good performance in the eyes of the user. Apple does an excellent job on this last point, hence many times we can see that their phones get to have up to half the RAM than the best Android devices and work just as well and smoothly to run applications, so we can not say that a phone is good or bad just because of its performance test results.

However, it is to highlight how Qualcomm has been offering impressive results for a couple of years in its best processors, in fact, the next two generations plan to arrive with important changes, because as we mentioned at the beginning, the Snapdragon 875 would arrive with a process of 5 nanometer manufacturing, while the Snapdragon 885 would come with a renewed and improved GPU.