The immune response and antibodies generated after being infected and overcoming Covid-19 continues to be the center of numerous investigations, which sometimes see this protection system against the virus disappears after three months, leaving us unprotected against a new contagion.

Are the antibodies in charge of fighting the disease effectively attacking the center of the virus. However, the short period of time that these remain in our body not only worries about possible reinfection, but also they question the rapid tests current.

The University of Arizona (USA) has managed to solve part of this problem after a study that has revealed that there are other antibodies that externally hook the pathogen until it is eliminated and that are active much longer: seven months from their first diagnosis, although they trust that they can last longer.

“At the vaccine level it is good, the longer they last the antibodies less need there will be a souvenir dose“explains an expert on what this finding could mean.” In the end, someone’s immunity is the sum of everything. The sum of their antibodies, the sum of what their cells have learned … “, he says.

On the other hand, work has already begun with cellular immunity test, which can provide the most complete radiograph possible to date on the incidence of the virus, but whose complexity in the extraction and treatment of the samples, as well as its high cost, complicate the possibility of mass screening.