They did not let Rocío Oliva enter the intimate wake of Diego Maradona at the Casa Rosada

“Everyone passes except me,” claimed the last couple of the Diez, who was prevented from crossing the fence and pointed at Claudia Villafañe.

“I am waiting for Claudia’s authorization”, were the first words of Rocío Oliva aboard her car, given the refusal of the security personnel to let her cross the fence and thus access the intimate wake for relatives and friends of Diego Maradona, who died this Wednesday at age 60.

It was 4:22, when the last couple from the Ten arrived at Casa Rosada to say goodbye. However, despite insistence, he could not enter. He approached the fence and spoke with a cash, who asked him “back at 7”, the schedule where the ceremony is enabled for all the public that was in the outskirts making long lines.

“They told me to come at 7 in the morning when all the people come,” she complained with tears in her eyes. “They say that Claudia does not want me to enter and she says it has nothing to do with it,” he added in dialogue with All News.

When asked about her absence from the list that allowed relatives and friends to enter the event, she said: “I have no idea, I don’t screw anyone, I don’t know why. I want to say goodbye. Everyone passes except me. “

Before returning to her vehicle, where she was accompanied by her mother, Rocío shot: “It hurts me that they don’t let me in, not letting me in they also hurt Diego. I am Diego’s last wife, nobody understands it, I was the only one woman Diego wanted to see. All the evil they do is paid for. “

With the news of the death of the world star known, the woman who accompanied him after having accompanied him for years throughout his professional journey through the United Arab Emirates and ended up separating in 2018 was on television this Wednesday where he broke down in tears.

I find it hard to fall. In fact I don’t fall. Today I left the program and they tell me: ‘Look at this Twitter of (Jorge) Rial’. I did not know anything. I took it as something that had a solution. I started hearing rumors of his passing. I got in the car and called my mom. I went to my house. People told me ‘strength’ from the cars. So far, he didn’t want to believe. It was very sad, “Oliva said in Controversy at the Bar (America).

“Diego was a very important man in my life. He was very good to me. I will always remember him well. He was good to me, to my family. Humble, supportive. With a giant heart, with a desire to live,” added the young woman who learned of the death of his former partner at the end of the cycle Team flower (Telefe), where she attended as a guest.




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