The World Health Organization (WHO) reported this Thursday that it is in contact with the Danish authorities after finding a coronavirus mutation that can be transmitted to humans and it can negatively influence the development of a vaccine against the disease.

“We are aware of reports from Denmark of a number of people infected with mink coronavirus, with some genetic changes in the virus. We are in contact with the Danish authorities for more information about this event “, has pointed out in his Twitter account.

The Government of Denmark has decided this Wednesday to kill all the minks in the country. “It is necessary to kill all the minks in Denmark”, said the Danish Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen, in a press conference that had to be held virtually because she is isolated by an outbreak of COVID-19 that emerged in her Government.

As explained, heThe Danish authorities have found 12 people infected with the virus from mink, which has mutated so much that patients no longer form antibodies. Thus, the planned vaccine is weakened or, directly, does not work in these people.