We want to think that the bulk of the people who will become one Xbox Series X they will take care of your console as much as possible, as it implies an investment that is not necessarily modest.

That is one thing, but it is quite another to wonder ‘How long will an Xbox Series X hold up if it is beaten to the ground?’.

In case your curiosity around this idea is impossible to calm, someone else already destroyed an Xbox Series X so you don’t have to do it when the idea crosses your mind.

The person responsible for this feat is the youtuber Plainrock124, who subjected different types of torments both the control and the console.

Before continuing, it should be clarified that since Xbox Series X Y S They went on sale on November 10, several videos have appeared in which these platforms are destroyed, but everything indicates that the first was Plainrock124.

It is also necessary to remember that every time a new generation of consoles arrives, YouTube videos of them being destroyed abound. They are de rigueur, they are never lacking.

Returning to the youtuber video, first we can see it adventuring on several occasions the control. With the first one, it was enough for one of its covers to come off and for the buttons on the face to stop responding.

With the second it was completely disabled.

Then we see throwing a minibar to the console repeatedly, referring to the recurring joke that its design resembles that of a fridge.

The surprising thing about it is that, despite evidently having damaged it, the console kept running.

Hence what follows is to see him beat her to death with a hit, a small and up to a zapapico. At the final he takes them fire.

Why did he do it? As he himself says at the beginning, to show that the videos of destruction of consoles they are popular in Youtube. So if you have the stomach to see how they destroy a next-gen console, date: