Some areas, focused on research and development, will be affected with a cut in money which will now be destined to the system Health.

109 funds and trusts that were previously destined for science, culture and development, will be abolished to address the health crisis and strengthen the Mexican health system before the pandemic of coronavirus.

Five votes against, one abstention and twenty votes in favor, were reason enough to generally approve the opinion with the draft decree by which funds will no longer be awarded to development in Mexico.

With this elimination of funds, they will seek to obtain around 68 billion pesos that, according to the voters in favor, will serve to address the emergency.

In Mexico, various projects were being carried out and will be eliminated as follows:

Science and research

65 funds that were destined mainly to Mexican and foreign students, universities, laboratories, research centers and public and private institutions will disappear.

The academy

26 funds will disappear, whose resources were managed through Public Research Centers.

Those who benefited, to a large extent, from these resources, were academics, researchers and scientists.

The film industry

The seventh art will be affected, since, with this new decree, the Investment and Stimulus Fund for Cinema is eliminated, which allocated resources for the production, post-production, distribution and dissemination of national long and short films.

Rights defenders and journalists

The activists and referents of journalism, will also stop receiving funds in their field. The project contemplates the disappearance of the Fund for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders and Journalists, whose purpose was the protection of activists for the environment, the inclusion of indigenous communities or vulnerable groups and journalists.

Among other areas that will also be affected by the decree, we find art and culture, natural disasters, athletes and other areas of high priority.