The United States Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Washington reported that three members of one of the international criminal organizations most notorious dedicated to video game piracy have been captured.

The detainees are Max Louarn, a 48-year-old Frenchman; Yuanning Chen, 35 Chinese; and Gary Bowser (the irony of the name), Canadian, 51, who belong to Team Xecuter and they are already in the custody of the authorities.

The prosecutor’s report emphasizes that two of the three arrested are organization leaders and were engaged in obtaining illegal profits through piracy of video game technology that belongs to American companies.

‘These arrests show that the department will catch hackers seeking their own benefit and that exploit the intellectual property of US companies for financial gain, no matter where they are located ‘, it reads in the document.

It is also mentioned that Team Xecuter is dedicated to steal intellectual property and sell it, causing customers to pay a license fee to play stolen titles, criminal conduct that hurts the industry and developers, and exploits legitimate buyers.

‘Imagine that something you invented is stolen and then traded and sold to clients all over the world. That’s exactly what Team Xecuter was doing. ‘said Raymond Duda, an FBI special agent attached to Seattle.

According to Gamespot, Team Xecuter is made up of more than a dozen individuals around the world, and is dedicated to selling products for various platforms, such as Nintendo Switch and 3DS, that make the pirate game facility.

In addition, the Prosecutor’s Office indicates that several devices of the organization are already preloaded with illegally obtained games.

The investigation is running on both the FBI like National security.