They ask for the release of women accused of aborting

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Human rights defenders from The Savior and from other nations, they called for the release of 18 women imprisoned and accused of murder for allegedly aborting.

The activists stressed in a statement issued by the Center for Reproductive Rights, that the abortion ban in El Salvador “it is one of the most extreme in the world.”

“El Salvador is one of the only countries known for prosecute and imprison women after miscarriages and other obstetric emergencies. Currently, more than 18 are detained in inhuman conditions, with virtually non-existent protections against the current COVID-19 pandemic, “they indicated.

Sexual rights

Carmen Martínez, regional manager for Latin America and the Caribbean of the Center for Reproductive Rights, said, according to the statement, that “El Salvador has received countless recommendations from international human rights bodies to guarantee women and girls their sexual and reproductive rights without discrimination or persecution. “

“Today El Salvador has a terrible cycle of violation, because on the one hand it prohibits and denies reproductive health services to women who come from rural contexts and poverty, and on the other hand, it decides to prosecute them when they suffer obstetric emergencies due to this lack of access to health services, “added Martínez.

Justice for Cindy

The activists’ petition is given in connection with the release on Tuesday of the young woman Cindy erazo, 29, who was sentenced to 30 years in prison, of which she served 6, after suffering an obstetric emergency and giving birth to a stillborn fetus in 2011.

An appeal court reduced the sentence from 30 years to 10 years and a judge – who was not named – has granted the young woman the conditional freedom, so he was released.



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