They arrest one of the two policemen who killed Javier Ordóñez

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The Colombian authorities took the first step to obtain justice in the case of the police officers who attacked until the death to a man in Bogotá, by ordering the arrest of the two main parties involved and arresting one of them, while the whereabouts of the other are unknown.

Agents are involved in the death of Javier Ordonez, 46, who last week unleashed violent demonstrations against police brutality that claimed the lives of 13 other people, ten of them in Bogotá and three in the neighboring town of Soacha.

The decision to order the capture of patrolmen Harby Rodríguez Díaz and Juan Camilo Lloreda Cubillos was taken by a guarantee control judge at the request of the Attorney General, who accused them of the crime of aggravated homicide.

Report of the facts

Shortly after the court order was issued, Rodríguez Díaz was arrested in the neighborhood of Bosa, in the south of Bogotá, according to the press, while Lloreda’s lawyer, Jesús Libadier Giraldo, said in a letter published by local media that his client “is willing to appear before any request” that the Prosecutor’s Office Consider convenient.

The arrest warrants are known hours after the story of Wílder Salazar, friend of the victim and witness of the police brutality, who said that in the early hours of September 9, Ordóñez was savagely beaten and his requests for help were denied by the uniformed men.

Salazar’s testimony was published in a video sent to Congresswoman Katherine Miranda and broadcast during a political control debate in the House of Representatives.

“The Javier’s pleas at all times they were ‘now, no more’. I also shouted on several occasions not to hurt him more with the Taser gun (…) The policemen never stopped, “said Ordóñez’s friend.

Evidence against the police

The man, who recorded everything that happened on a cell phone, explained that the victim “was beaten several times in the face and continued with the Taser gun“during a police operation in the Santa Cecilia neighborhood, in the west of Bogotá.

“The downloads They no longer did them on his clothes because he already had his shirt torn, they did them on his skin, “said Salazar.

Then he and Ordóñez were put into a police vehicle, where “the torture“from his friend, until he reached the Immediate Attention Command (CAI) of the Villa Luz neighborhood, where” they continue to beat him, push him, throw him to the ground. “

“He was already handcuffed, he was totally immobilized, he could do absolutely nothing and they throw him at my feet, handcuffed, and he remains in fetal form,” he said. Later he said that Ordóñez was removed from the CAI and that on the way to the Santa María del Lago clinic they tried to revive him but “he never opened his eyes”.

He was admitted to that clinic for emergencies and then a doctor came out and told him: “‘I’m very sorry, nothing could be done because your friend came in here dead‘”.

Another trial against the cops

In addition to the case that follows the ordinary justice to the two policemen, the Attorney General’s Office (Public Ministry) on Wednesday summoned the two uniformed men to a disciplinary trial for the death of Ordóñez.

After assuming by preferential power “the process carried out by the General Inspection of the Police, the Public ministry set for next October 1 the start of the hearing against the uniformed officers so that they respond in a disciplinary way for the conduct considered very serious by way of fraud. “

The Prosecutor’s Office assured that in his opinion, the agents allegedly incurred criminal behavior described in the Penal Code as abuse of authority by arbitrary and unjust act and homicide. In this case, another five uniformed men are also removed from office while the investigation progresses.

They are looking for more responsible

Defense Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo acknowledged this week in a Congress session that Ordóñez’s death is the responsibility of the police who tried to arrest him and they abused the force.

Senator Iván Cepeda, from the left-wing Polo Democrático Alternativo (PDA) party, said today in the Second Committee of the Senate that he will send a communication to the Prosecutor’s Office of the International Criminal Court (ICC) on the possible responsibility of the Colombian president, Ivan Duque, and the Minister of Defense in police violence during the protests that followed Ordóñez’s death.

According to Cepeda, in that communication he will report “on possible responsibility of President Duque and Minister of Defense (en) Crimes against humanity (massacre and torture) committed by the National Police under his command. “



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