They are still wearing their school uniform in the video

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During a cute video, Prince William and Duchess Catherine’s three children ask questions to naturalist David Attenborough. They appear quite normal, after school, in their uniforms.

With an adorable video of their three children, Prince William and Duchess Catherine delight their fans on Saturday (October 3rd). Prince George, seven, Princess Charlotte, five, and Prince Louis, two, have prepared questions for naturalist Sir David Attenborough, who recently introduced them to his new film “A Life On Our Planet” while visiting Kensington Palace.

New video from George, Charlotte and Louis thrilled

A real first! It is the first time that the voices and cute pronunciation of the mini-royals can be heard clearly. Another detail remains almost undiscovered: Prince George and Princess Charlotte show themselves in the uniforms of their school, the “Thomas’s Battersea” school in the fine west of London. George wears a red and blue polo shirt with the unicorn emblem, the school’s logo. Princess Charlotte wears a white blouse with a Peter Pan collar and a dark blue pinafore dress. She has tied her hair back in a ponytail.

George and Charlotte still in uniform

While students in English (private) schools wear a uniform for lessons, they must also wear uniform sportswear on the sports field and during extracurricular activities – usually a polo shirt and sports pants. In addition to more classic sports such as hockey, rugby, karate and football, the elite school of the royals also offers more unusual activities such as fencing, pottery, gardening and yoga.

Prince Louis shows up in a department store sweater

Kate and William’s youngest son, Prince Louis, isn’t in school yet. But he too speaks excitedly and triggers a Twitter hype with his cute slip of the tongue “amimal”.

He is wearing a white sweater with blue stripes over a blue polo shirt. The sweater is said to come from the British department store chain John Lewis and cost the equivalent of around 10 euros. A strategy that Kate has been pursuing for a long time: It doesn’t have to be expensive designer clothes for her children, she prefers to attract them to affordable fashion from department stores and small boutiques, which the siblings also wear. Cambridges: 5 details that stand out

Kate and William: Perfectly imperfect

It seems like the heir to the throne and his wife spontaneously decided to record this video. Without having to move or prepare the children. And without countless attempts. Simply real and wonderfully imperfect. A green hedge serves as a backdrop – probably in the Cambridge garden. It is precisely this authentic and down-to-earth manner that the Cambridges are given high credit by so many Royal fans.

Sources used: Instagram, Thomas’s Battersea London Website


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