Months ago we told you that Rocket League would have a transition to free-to-play game, that is, anyone can download and play it for free, and that there will be features that will cost real money.

When Epic Games, owner of the developer studio Psyonix, made the announcement did not provide the day on which this transition would take place, but now it is the latter who gave the long-awaited news.

Let’s go by parts.

He first step for the transition will be the 16 of September, day in which an update will arrive at 11:00 am Mexico City time that will contain the following:

  • Linking for Multiplatform Progression – This option will allow users of all platforms on which the game is available to connect to their Epic Games accounts.
  • Legacy Status Items – All players who have had Rocket League prior to transition will receive them.
  • Support-a-creator – Now the game will be part of this Epic Games program that allows creators to earn 5% of the credits spent when their creator code is used.
  • Various quality of life changes and others

The second step will be the September 23, the day on which the transition a free-to-play.

It is important to note that once Rocket League sea free The only platform on which it will be available for download on PC will be the Epic Games Store, that is, it will no longer be possible to find it on Steam.

It should also be clarified that it will continue to retain the cross-play.

The transition to free-to-play It will include revamped Tournaments and Challenges, Rocket Pass Season 1, and two new item packs that will cost real money.

Since its original arrival on PC and PlayStation 4 in 2015, Rocket League It has remained a global phenomenon that not only conquers players in search of challenging moments among acquaintances, but also those dedicated to esports.