As happens every year, days before the new Google products are presented, someone has already been able to buy them at Walmart, a situation that although it seems strange, has become customary, in fact, Google likes to advertise many of its products for months Before presenting them, we already know that on September 30 we will meet the Pixel 5 and the Nest Audio, two products that Google itself announced for a long time.

But what is striking is that the company has wanted to keep its new Chromecast a secret, however, a user has already been able to buy it at Walmart in the United States, or at least this is what informa The Verge.

The buyer has taken advantage of the situation to share photographs of the product and also to tell us about several of its specifications, where of course there is a surprise that many users were probably waiting for.

The differences between the new and the old Chromecast

It is important to mention that we are taking these differences based on what was reported by the user who bought said Chromecast, so it will be until next Wednesday when we know all the details of this new product officially.

The main difference is in the design, as the new Chromecast is a bit more oval compared to the third generation, which is fully circular, however, both generations have a plastic extension that ends in the HDMI port, which makes it easy to place the Chromecast on the TV without affecting other inputs or taking up much more space than it should as with the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick.

Credit: u / fuzztub

The second difference in design is that the charging port of the third-generation Chromecast is micro USB, while the new Chromecast will have a USB-C port, so you can use one of your phone cables to power the Chromecast in case of lose the cable that comes in the packaging.

Let’s move on to what is inside the device, in terms of characteristics we still cannot know what differences there are, although it is likely that this Chromecast is much faster and it is a fact that it will have a storage version, because unlike the third generation Chromecast In the new Chromecast, applications can be installed because it has Google TV, the new name of Android TV that also comes with a new, cleaner and more attractive interface.

Also, this will be the first Chromecast in history with a command to interact with the device, although surely we can download an application to control the Chromecast from our phone.

Credit: u / fuzztub

The new Google device will also be compatible with 4K and HDR content, which the third-generation Chromecast does not do, since it only supports 1080p content and does not have HDR, in fact, the only Chromecast with 4K is the Ultra model, which it does not look like it will receive a new generation in the next few years.

The most interesting feature is that now it will be possible to pair a bluetooth headset to the Chromecast to listen to the sound of the television without disturbing other people in the room. This is not possible in the current generation because the Chromecast does not have an interface to interact with the user, and since it does not have an Android version like other devices with Android TV, it is impossible to pair other devices.

That is the reason why this Chromecast is so different from all existing generations, in fact, it will stop being a Chromecast to become a multimedia player with Chromecast integrated, although for marketing reasons Google is calling it Chromecast with Google TV .