These drivers will never lose their jobs: how to remotely control equipment as much as a house

The pandemic has upset the labor market and made many rethink how they can continue to operate safely.

For those who can work remotely and only need a laptop and a good internet connection, the pandemic hasn’t changed much. Of course there are changes, maybe interact with colleagues only online. But there are also jobs in which the employee must always be there for the job.

Otherwise, things don’t work out.

This category also includes drivers from various machines, those who work in warehouses, logistics staff, etc. There are people who need to be there permanently, but the problem is that it can be an environment where the virus can be transmitted quickly. But technology has come up with solutions. This means that drivers on these machines can also work remotely, according to the BBC.

Here’s how.

Drivers who can work remotely in a pandemic

As I said, technology has solutions for almost everything you want to do, regardless of the field. Many warehouses or logistics centers keep up with the times and have managed to allow drivers on the machines to work where they want. Because there are models that can be driven remotely and there is no need for a person to sit in the cabin.

Those who have resorted to these solutions claim that the investment is worth it. Just like in a computer game, drivers sit in front of the screen and have a steering wheel or joystick – with which they control the machine remotely. Moreover, I can have pedals under my desk.

Basically, the machine is equipped with cameras and sensors – technologies somewhat similar to those on autonomous cars – which transmit to the person in front of the screen everything he needs to safely handle such a thing. Those who work in warehouses and can do their job this way have the great advantage of having modern equipment, equipped with new technologies.

Only such models can be driven remotely.

These drivers will never lose their jobs: how to remotely control equipment as much as a house


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