These cars can be loved when you are old

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More than 900,000 sales were analyzed by staff to find out what percentage of the 2012/13 vintage models were handed over to the host by 2020. They were curious about how much their customers clung to the hybrid types that were already available in significant numbers at the time.

Logic would dictate that because higher initial purchase prices for hybrids will pay off in the long run by reducing maintenance and fuel costs, they will sell their eight-year cars less than average. Of course, this is only true if their car is lovable and reliable, and even at the age of eight, it doesn’t even come up with worrying problems.

In reality, the paper form prevailed: five of the ten cars with the highest retention rate were hybrids – four manufactured by Toyota and one by Lexus. While one in six (16.8%) of eight-year-old car owners kept their car in the overall market, more than one and a half to two times as many owners of hybrids insisted on their car. There were only two European cars on the top list, both from the same manufacturer.

Rangsor model
(* = hybrids)
Keeping the car
percentage of customers
To the market average
1. Toyota
Highlander Hybrid*
38,0% 2,3x
2. Toyota
Avalon Hybrid*
36,5% 2.2x
3. Toyota
Camry Hybrid*
34,6% 2,1x
4. Volkswagen
33,8% 2,0x
5. Toyota
Land Cruiser
32,7% 2,0x
6. Volkswagen
31,3% 1.9x
7. Subaru
31,2% 1.9x
8. Lexus
ES 300h *
31,1% 1.9x
9. Honda CR-V 30,9% 1,8x
10. Toyota Prius * 30,5% 1,8x

The researchers also looked at which brands have higher-than-average customer clinging to their car after its eighth year of life:

Rangsor Brand Keeping the car
percentage of customers
To the market average
1. Volkswagen 26,2% 1,6x
2. Subaru 25,9% 1,5x
3. Honda 24,6% 1,5x
4. Toyota 23,7% 1,4x
5. Tesla 23,6% 1,4x
6. Acura 23,1% 1,4x
7. Lexus 21,3% 1,3x
8. Mazda 20,5% 1.2x
9. Volvo 19,5% 1.2x
10. Buick 17,5% 1,0x

Source:, Smarter Media



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