These are the five new coaches

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Surprise: At the casting show “The Voice Kids”, five new coaches will take their places on the red swivel chairs in the ninth season.

Jury tremors at “The Voice Kids”: Sat.1 completely swaps the coaches for the ninth season of the casting show. Instead of Lena Meyer-Landrut (29), Max Giesinger (32, “Die Reise”) and Sasha (48), the Spanish-German singer-songwriter Alvaro Soler (29), pop singer Wincent Weiss (27) will be Silbermond from spring 2021 -Frontfrau Stefanie Kloß (36) as well as Michi Beck (52) and Smudo (52) from the Fantastischen Vier take a seat on the red swivel chairs. The broadcaster announced on Sunday (November 15). “Bild am Sonntag” reported on it first.

“We coaches can all learn something from this”

For new coach Wincent Weiss, who has never been on the jury in any casting show, a long-cherished wish has come true: “My actual career aspiration was always kindergarten and if the music hadn’t worked out, I would definitely be doing something in this direction today For me, ‘The Voice Kids’ combines my job as a musician with working with children and that’s why I’m particularly looking forward to it, “says Weiss.

Alvaro Soler, for whom it is also the casting show debut in Germany, is certain: “Often kids in particular have such an honest and unfiltered approach to music that we coaches can all learn something from.”

Stefanie Kloß as well as Michi Beck and Smudo, on the other hand, are old hands in “The Voice” cosmos. The Silbermond front woman will form a team with Yvonne Catterfeld (40) in the tenth season of “The Voice of Germany” (TVOG) in 2020. She has already worked as a “TVOG” coach in two other seasons and in one of “The Voice Kids”. Michi Beck and Smudo competed in five seasons of “TVOG”, with two wins. It is her first engagement in “The Voice Kids” double chair.

Sat.1 will show the ninth season of “The Voice Kids” in spring 2021. Filming has already started – of course, in compliance with a strict hygiene and safety concept. There is no studio audience for the recordings of the blind auditions.


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