A few days ago we shared with you information about which were the best-selling phone brands in Mexico, and today we are going to tell you which have been the best-selling phones around the world during the third quarter of the year (Q3 2020), quarter in the that the demand for equipment has grown again and in which even Samsung has reported historical order figures.

As mentioned analysis firm, Canalys, Samsung, Xiaomi and Apple are the only three companies that have managed to position several of their phones in the top 10, with Samsung being the one with the most models on the list, however, Apple again has the world’s best-selling phone and its sales they are far superior to any other model on the list.

The Galaxy A give results to Samsung

Although the Galaxy A are not the best phones of the company in terms of specifications and design, they are the family with the greatest variety of prices and specifications, in such a way that it is possible to find an A series phone for the needs of practically anyone, from those who do not want to spend a lot of money, to those who are willing to invest more than 10,000 pesos but without reaching the price of a premium range.

Samsung launches a good number of A-series models every year, and during Q3 2020 5 models of the family have positioned themselves on the list, with the Galaxy A21s being the best-selling one with almost 10 million units sold in all the world. In fourth position is the Galaxy A11 with just over 9 million units sold, followed by the Galaxy A51 and the Galaxy A31, although the latter is in the seventh position on the list.

The research firm reveals that although Samsung is not the brand that has the best-selling phone, it is the one that sold the most phones in Q3 2020 with 80.2 million units worldwide, which has given it a quota 23% international market.

Xiaomi is the big surprise

Xiaomi is the firm that is surprising many thanks to its great work in the last 2 years, in fact, the brand has managed to position 3 models on the list, with the Redmi Note 9 being its most successful model, probably because it is one of the best phones in the world when it comes to cost / benefit.

In fact, the list only includes equipment from the Redmi family, which is Xiaomi’s sub-brand focused on inexpensive equipment but with great features, hence the worldwide sales success.

Xiaomi is already the third brand that sells the most phones in the world with a total of 47.1 million units sold.

Apple still has the world’s best-selling phone

Apple once again has the world’s best-selling phone. In first position is the iPhone 11, which reported just over 16 million units sold, while in second place is the iPhone SE, which sold over 10 million units during Q3 2020.

The Cupertino firm is the only one that has managed to position a high-end phone on the list, in fact, it is difficult to see that a high-end Android device will be on this list, and the few times that it has always happened in a Galaxy Yes, so probably the Galaxy S20 FE could appear very soon in the top of world sales.

And although Apple has been displaced to fourth place as the world’s largest manufacturer, the sale of the iPhone 12 is likely what will allow the firm to return to its third position during the last quarter of the year.