A few days ago we shared with you information about the brands that have sold the most phones in the third quarter of the year around the world, where Samsung recovered its position by a wide margin as the number 1 manufacturer on the planet, while Xiaomi also managed to position itself in the third position displacing Apple to the fourth, something that surprised many people.

And now, reviewing the sales figures for Mexico made by the research firm Canalys during the third quarter of the year we can see Xiaomi returns to give a pleasant surprise by reporting an important growth in sales in our country to consolidate itself as the fourth largest manufacturer in Mexico.

Samsung and Xiaomi grow while the others fall

As announced by the firm, only Samsung and Xiaomi have been the brands that reported growth in sales during Q3 2020. In the case of Samsung it was 11%, while Xiaomi had a shocking figure in the increase in sales of the 186%.

The case of Xiaomi may be due to the fact that the firm is gradually betting more strongly on Mexico, and has launched many more models with a good cost / benefit ratio in the country, especially the Redmi series equipment.

However, despite its great growth, the Chinese firm is still far from Samsung’s market share in the country, since the South Korean firm accounts for 33% of the market, which is much more than even the second position, which is occupied by Lenovo (a firm that owns Motorola) with 21%.

In the case of Motorola, a loss in market share of 18% compared to the previous year has been reported, while Huawei, which remains in third position with a market share of 16%, has seen a loss of 46% of sales between the previous year and this year.

How is the panorama in Latin America?

In the region, things are not very different from Mexico, as Samsung is the undisputed sales leader with a remarkable 46% market share, while Lenovo remains in second position with 18% and Huawei in third with 11 % of market share. Unfortunately, the three companies have had a decrease in numbers compared to the previous year, although Huawei has been the most affected company.

The surprise again is Xiaomi, which remains in the fourth position, but with a growth of 471% compared to the previous year, however, it still remains very far from the market share of manufacturers like Samsung.

Finally, Apple also reports a 53% growth in market share, which allows it to occupy the fifth position in the ranking of the 5 companies that sell the most smartphones in Latin America.