With the month of September almost over, the gymnasiums already have the characteristic influx back to the typical routine of these previous weeks and the streets and parks have already recovered their usual share of runners.

But, Is it really so easy to regain sports and healthy habits? There are people who find it difficult to get those raised or simply find it difficult to return to a healthy and healthy life before the vacation months.

To fight against laziness, lack of perseverance or against a physical and mental block that prevents us from training 100%, many times it is advisable to enlist the help of a personal trainer.

Although it seems that these figures only help us in training, their functions go much further and They cover all the necessary aspects to exercise in a safe and correct way, in addition to helping to meet the sports goals that have been set.

Coach Jorge Marin, director of the Sport & Fun school, explains that there are several causes that lead us to hire the services of a personal trainer and points out ten benefits of having his supervision:

  1. Extra motivation. One of the most important advantages that a personal trainer brings is that they will become a figure of support and motivation. It will end up knowing you well, it will know how to help you make the most of it, and it will help you have more willpower when you have lost it.
  2. Constancy and willpower. Who has not joined the gym determined to train daily and has ended up not going? If you decide to hire a personal trainer, this will not happen. You will have to be accountable to someone other than yourself: you have an appointment with him and you must attend. There will be no excuses!
  3. Training customization. One of the first steps that your personal trainer will take when he begins his work with you will be to know your goals, your state of health or your physical form. From there, it will create a specific and personalized training plan for you.
  4. Perfecting the technique. A personal trainer knows perfectly the proper technique to carry out each exercise. Even if you are already used to doing sports, he will give you advice so that you can do it even better and be more effective in achieving your goals.
  5. Personal improvement. A personal trainer will always ask you for more, taking into account your physical condition and your abilities; And you too want to show him that you can. You will be able to motivate yourself to the maximum and demand yourself more and more.
  6. Practice safe sports. A personal trainer is a sports professional who knows the human anatomy and the correct way to perform each exercise to avoid injury. He will explain each exercise to you before doing it and will observe you during the process to advise you on the correct postures.
  7. Control and monitoring of your evolution. Your personal trainer will not only be there when you are training, but will also be present afterwards. After each workout, it will analyze your times, your weights or your marks to know how you are evolving. This will help you to have control of your results and to know if you are meeting the objectives that you have set for yourself.
  8. Creativity and fun. A sports professional such as a personal trainer, will know, after years of experience, hundreds of different exercises. You can design a training plan that breaks out of the monotony of a gym workout to enhance different physical qualities and abilities.
  9. Quicker results. You will achieve your goals faster and more efficiently than if you did the training on your own. Why? Because he is a physical activity professional who knows the best way to perform each workout and the appropriate exercises according to your goals.
  10. Inspiration Little by little, you will establish a close relationship with your personal trainer. He will be a participant in your evolution and likewise, you will know his story.

Whether you don’t find the necessary motivation to train or want to level up and set yourself more difficult or more specific goals, having the help of a personal trainer may be the answer to your doubts about sport. It’s all about getting down to business!

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