Updates on Android are a subject that unfortunately can be good or bad depending on the manufacturer and model that we choose when buying a phone. Unfortunately, most manufacturers do not update their cheaper phones for more than a year, and that greatly affects fragmentation and puts users at risk, especially when it comes to serious security vulnerabilities.

For that reason, the research firm, Counterpoint Research has launched a study in which it reveals which are the manufacturers with the best update policy considering their entire portfolio of smartphones in the last year and leaving aside the Google Pixel.

Nokia, OnePlus and Samsung, the brands with the best update policy.

Counterpoint analyzes both operating system updates and security patches, which depending on the manufacturer and the model can be received on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Crédito: Counterpoint Research

In the case of operating system updates, Nokia is the only firm that has 100% of its catalog made up of 20 phones updated to Android 10, which is the latest version of Android considered by the firm for the study, since Android 11 It has only been on the market for a short time and there are very few phones updated to this version.

In second place, there is OnePlus, which also has 100% of its catalog updated to Android 10, in fact, the Chinese manufacturer is one of the few brands that already has a phone on the market with Android 11, which is the case of the OnePlus 8T, although that model has not entered this analysis.

In third position is Samsung, which has 89% of its portfolio updated to Android 10. However, something we must consider is that the catalog of Samsung phones must be much higher in number than Nokia and OnePlus, well, although Counterpoint does not reveal how many phones were analyzed, we talk about the sales generated between the third quarter of 2020 and the second quarter of 2020, what is a fact is that the entire high-end from the S9 and Note 9 is already updated to Android 10 , while most Serie A teams have also received the update to this version.

The surprise has undoubtedly been given by Realme and Xiaomi, which occupy the fourth and fifth position, surpassing manufacturers like Huawei, it is even striking that Realme, OPPO’s sub-brand, has a better update policy than its parent company.

Same top 3 for security updates?

Nokia, OnePlus once again occupy the same positions with regard to its policy with security updates, and although in this matter Samsung is the one that stands out the most because it is the only firm that offers more than 2 years of operating system updates and security for its premium and high-end range, its security update policy lags far behind Nokia and OnePlus.

Credit: Counterpoint

What is striking is that Nokia once again has 100% in terms of its complete and updated catalog with security patches. In the case of OnePlus, only 90% of its teams receive monthly updates, and 10% do so on a quarterly basis.

With Samsung, the number of monthly updates is only 22% of its portfolio, so 78% do it every 3 months, which considering the operating system update figures, this 22% probably corresponds to the premium range, while than the rest is to the mid-range, which is Samsung’s best-selling range.

If you are a user who cares about the update policy, then you already know which brands you can choose. The good news is that in the case of Mexico we can find a large number of Nokia and Samsung equipment, and in the next few days the first OnePlus phones will officially arrive.