These are the 10 best-selling smartphones of the third quarter of 2020

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At the end of each quarter, the consulting firm Canalys offers official statistics for the sale of smartphones around the world. On this occasion, the iPhone 11 was the best-selling smartphone in the third quarter of 2020, maintaining its position in the ranking compared to the previous quarter. But the ranking has moved quite a bit since then.

To begin with, for example, Samsung Galaxy A51 It is no longer the best-selling Samsung or Android smartphone of the quarter but was surpassed by two other devices from the company. And in the top 3 there are still two iPhones but neither of them is already a Pro model: they are the iPhone 11, as we mentioned, and the iPhone SE (2020).

The Samsung Galaxy A21s is the best-selling Android phone at the end of the third quarter

As we can see in the image attached to the tweet from the official account of Canalys in Twitter The podium of the ten best-selling smartphones in the third quarter of 2020 is divided entirely by three companies: Apple, Samsung Y Xiaomi. Although strictly speaking it is not a Xiaomi smartphone that we see on the podium but they are all from Redmi, his second brand.

In the top 3 are the iPhone 11, iPhone SE and Samsung Galaxy A21s. That means the Galaxy A21s is not only Samsung’s best-selling smartphone of the third quarter, but also the best-selling Android Phone of the period.

Below this are the Samsung Galaxy A11 and the Galaxy A51, the latter dropped from third to fifth from last quarter. In this way, in the top 5 Samsung manages to deposit three smartphones.

The list continues with two Redmi smartphones: a sixth place shared by the Xiaomi Redmi 10x 4G and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 which, depending on the market in which we have acquired it, will have one name or another but are the same smartphone in terms of design and technical specifications.

The Xiaomi Redmi 9 It is the seventh smartphone on the list followed by the Samsung Galaxy A31, then by the Xiaomi Redmi 9A and finally the Samsung Galaxy A01 Core It is the 10th and last most popular smartphone of the third quarter.

So for the second consecutive quarter, the iPhone 11 was the best-selling smartphone and with the iPhone 12 already on the market, those results are expected to shake somewhat by the end of the last quarter of the year.

A curious fact is that the iPhone 11 is the only high-end smartphone on this podium, an exception that confirms the rule: the growing dominance of the mid-range.

Source: Canalys


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