These are all the features of the Samsung Wireless Charger Trio

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In the middle of two new flagships, a new premium smartwatch and other hardware gems it’s only natural to have been overlooked that Samsung didn’t reveal the technical details of its first multi-device wireless charger. But today the Samsung Wireless Charger Trio reveals its hardware features.

Charging power, compatibility and other details of the Wireless Charger Trio were published by Samsung on their official German website. And to the surprise of many, the new wireless charger from the South Korean manufacturer will not only be compatible with your mobile devices, but also with some Apple devices.

Detalles del Samsung Wireless Charger Trio

The Samsung Wireless Charger Trio is not a device solely dedicated to the wireless charging of Samsung smartphones. Although they can be charged with a power of up to 9W, all those devices that are compatible with Qi wireless charging can be charged with a power of 5W.

But that’s not all, even if we have Apple devices they can be charged with the Wireless Charger Trio with a power of 7.5W. An excellent decision considering that Samsung and Apple are, precisely, in many areas of mobile technology the most popular companies.

This new Samsung wireless charger has dimensions of 240 x 86 x 15.5mm and an approximate weight of 320g, so even despite having the capacity to charge up to three devices simultaneously, it has a fairly light and compact design.

In terms of compatibility with flagships from Samsung its manufacturer revealed that we can charge any Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z launched from the Galaxy S6 onwards. Integrated LED lights will reveal the charge level of the devices even if they have a case up to 3mm thick.

Samsung Wireless Charger Trio reveals its characteristics even mentioning that if the cases of the smartphone that we are charging cause this charger to overheat, the device will choose a lower wattage for said smartphone and thus it will charge slower but will protect the durability of both devices.

Sadly, Samsung forgot to reveal the price and availability of the Wireless Charger Trio, but at the very least, we already know that it will be available in Europe, particularly Germany.

Source: Samsung Germany (in German)


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