There were no awards for Argentina at the International Emmy

In the TV awards competed “Little Victory”, “A thousand hands for Argentina” and “The bronze garden”. Winners.

It could not be. The three Argentine productions who aspired to win an award at the 48th International Emmy Awards, in which shows from all over the world competed, they were left empty-handed.

The one-hour ceremony was held virtually from New York, with connections between the organizers of the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and the nominees in every corner of the globe. The conduction was in charge of the actor Richard Kind.

El docu-reality A thousand hands for Argentina, produced by StoryLab, Nacho Viale’s company, competed in the Short Format category. But the grandson of Mirtha Legrand was left with the desire, because the winner in that category was #martyisdead, from the Czech Republic.

The show tracked inventor Gino Tubaro’s journey by delivering 1,000 3D printed prosthetic hands and arms. The cycle is available in the Flow grid.

Little Victoria, the strip created by Erika Halvorsen and Daniel Burman, which Telefe premiered last year in September, competed in the Telenovela category. But there it prevailed Orphans of a Nation, a production of the Brazilian chain Globo.

The last national hope lay in the second season of The bronze garden, a co-production between Polka and HBO starring Joaquín Furriel and based on the homonymous novel by Gustavo Malajovich, which competed in the Dramatic Series category. Finally the statuette traveled to India, for Delhi Crime.

The International Academy awarded twelve Emmy Awards in eleven categories (one had two winners). The twelve winning shows and performances were from seven countries: Australia, Brazil, the Czech Republic, France, India, the United Kingdom and the United States.

For his part, the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, received an honorary International Emmy award for his daily press conferences to report on the health situation in that state regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Famous New Yorkers such as Robert De Niro, Billy Crystal, Ben Stiller, Spike Lee, Rosie Perez and Billy Joel appeared in the video in which this award was presented.

“The Governor’s 111 daily briefings worked very well because he effectively created television shows, with characters, plots, and success and failure stories,” said Bruce L. Paisner, president and CEO of the International Academy.

Vertigo of the Fall (Hangover)

Produced by Babel Doc / France Televisions / Cafeína Produções. Country: France

Billy Barratt, por Responsible Child.

Produced by Kudos / 72 Films / BBC Two. Country: Great Britain.

Glenda Jackson by Elizabeth is Missing.

Produced by STV Productions. Country: Great Britain.



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