The biggest revelation in Dplay’s recent documentary series was that the car ferry on the Estonian side had a big hole below the waterline. At least according to the wildest conspiracy theorists, it would have arisen in a collision with a Swedish submarine, which in turn would call into question the official explanation for the shipwreck.

The cause of the disaster in Estonia, which sank in late September 1994, has been attributed to the betrayal and eventual detachment of an incorrectly attached bow visor. The sinking of the ship was the fate of as many as 852 people.

Now filmed the documentary series Linus Andersson confirms that there is another suspicious hole in the side of the ship.

– It would have been fairer to the public if all the new findings had been made public. Now there is a taste for cover-ups, familiar with ships Tauri Rosewood says Estonian broadcaster ERR.

Representative of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mart Luige has examined the material described by Anderson, and now Estonia wants to launch a new investigation into the causes of the accident.

Meters long

According to Rosewood, the second hole was not shown in the series because it would have watered down the collision theory. According to him, it is a vertical hole a few meters long and only a few centimeters wide.

– I fully understand that someone thinks it is wrong not to talk about another hole in the documentary. However, all the experts had access to the material, and they did not think the second hole mattered, Andersson assures the Swedish SVT: lle.

– We haven’t hidden anything. It must be remembered that we did journalistic work, not a formal accident investigation.

According to Andersson, the second hole may have formed in the hull when its metal became tired or the ship struck the seabed. In his opinion, the documentary has only shown that the sinking of Estonia needs to be thoroughly re-examined.

– I have sent all the material in Estonia and advised how the wreck should be examined systematically.