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In the Czech Republic, the state of emergency, which was declared by the government for thirty days, was revived at midnight to provide a legal basis for faster and more effective action against the coronavirus epidemic.

The state of emergency provides an opportunity for the Department of Health to also involve medical students in hospital work. This is necessary because about 1,700 doctors and nurses have been infected, a total of thousands of health workers are quarantined, so there is a great need for a new workforce.

Health Minister Roman Prymula said the daily number of new confirmed infections had already exceeded 3,500 last week and more than ten patients had died from the coronavirus every day. A statement published on the ministry’s website shows that there are currently 37 and a half thousand people infected, and 1,200 people are being treated in hospital. The death toll rose to 727 on Sunday.

At midnight, several new precautions came into effect, which will be in place for two weeks for the time being. In the regions most at risk from the epidemic, secondary schools have closed and switched to distance learning. According to the press, this affects about half of the country.

From the beginning of September, masks must be worn on public transport, in hospitals and in closed rooms, and primary school students must also wear masks.

Up to ten people can attend an event indoors, and up to twenty in open areas. They also limit the number of participants in worship services and singing together is prohibited everywhere. The restaurants are closed at ten in the evening, with a maximum of six people sitting at a table. Sports events should be held without spectators.

In the spring, the state of emergency lasted for 66 days, from 12 March to 17 May, and its extension must always be decided by the House of Representatives.

(Cover image: The protective equipment of a healthcare worker testing for a coronavirus will be disinfected at a sampling station in Prague on September 21, 2020. Photo: MTI / AP / Petr David Josek)



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