‘There Be Heart’: Bruna is suspicious when Giovanni breaks up. ‘There are women there’

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Giovanni (Jayme Matarazzo) will end with Bruna (Fernanda Vasconcellos) to live his love with Camila (Agatha Moreira), in the next chapters of the soap opera “Haja Coração” (shown in 2016). Although his girlfriend waited for him during the two years he was improperly imprisoned – because of a set up by the photographer – and fought in court for the freedom he won in the first chapter of the plot of seven, Tancinha’s brother (Mariana Ximenes) calls a lawyer for a conversation and puts an end to the relationship. Besides being sad, she is suspicious that she has a rival.

In ‘Haja Coração’, Bruna is surprised by the breakup

Confused about his feelings and involved with Camila, whom he has already saved from a kidnapping, Giovanni then decides to end his relationship with Bruna and calls her to talk. He communicates his decision and warns that he doesn’t want to have to lie, much less hurt her. Upon hearing this, the lawyer reacts in scenes that will air this Friday (30). “I knew it was going to be difficult after you got out of jail. We met a little before the trial, there was no time to live a normal courtship. You were soon arrested. But I thought you would at least give us a break. understand out here “.

Bruna suspects that she has a rival and guarantees that she will find out who she is

Even grateful for everything Bruna did for him, Giovanni shoots: “I’m not feeling the same as you”. And she asks if there is another woman in her life. Francesca’s son (Marisa Orth) says no, but the girl insists. “Two years locked in a jail, then he goes out, sees a lot of women. He must have found a more beautiful, more interesting one. Of course, that was it”, he stresses. Giovanni, however, reaffirms that there is no one else in his life, and says that Bruna will always be a great friend. The young woman asks him to leave and comments loudly, furiously. “There’s a woman in this story. Of course there is! Do you think I’m an idiot? I’ll find out who she is!” But at the end of the novel, do you remember if Camila and Giovanni stayed together?

‘Flor do Caribe’: Beto gets shot while defending Tancinha

Also in Daniel Ortiz’s booklet, Tancinha will be kidnapped and causing the almost unlikely union of Beto (João Baldasserini) and Apolo (Malvino Salvador). And who ends up taking the worst when trying to save the marketer is the publicist. The criminal who is chasing Tancinha shoots Beto, leaving the merchant in anguish. Of course, Apolo will have a jealousy on account of his rival.

(Text updated by Guilherme Guidorizzi)


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