F1-legend Michael Schumacherin health is a closely guarded secret. However, new allegations have been made about the German’s state of health and even his whereabouts in a very special direction.

Schumacher’s early F1 career team manager Flavio Briatoren ex-spouse Elisabetta Gregoraci told the public his own “knowledge” of Schum’s state of health.

Where did he open up about it? Where else than at Big Brother in Italy.

Communicate with your eyes

Gregoraci told the other residents of the house what he had heard about Schumacher’s health.

– He can’t talk, but he communicates with his eyes. Only three people are allowed to visit him. I know who they are, the 40-year-old model opened up in the program.

More specifically, he refused to tell who these individuals might be.

Moved to Spain?

Gregoraci also shook a considerable argument in the program that differs from the information given to the public.

A couple of years ago, the Spanish media reported that the F1 star had moved the Schumacher family to Mallorca. Schumacher’s case manager denied the allegations as complete nonsense.

According to Gregorac, the seven-time world champion actually lives in Spain.

– His wife has turned the house into a hospital.

A few facts

Schumacher’s close circle has been silent about the health of the F1 legend for years. No official updates have been issued for the year on the condition of a German seriously injured in a ski accident in December 2013. In 2014, he was confirmed to have awakened from a coma.

Uncertainty and tremendous interest have spawned as many different theories as possible from more or less reliable sources.

In a recent French documentary, neurologist Erich Rieder criticized the treatment Schumacher received.

– You have to act on your brain right away. I think we waited too long and if time allows, the brain will start to be destroyed, Rieder commented.

Formula legend son Mick Schumacher currently leads the Formula 2 series. He has been fired for next season Kimi Räikkönen tallikaveria Alfa Romeolla.