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There are 950 thousand dead. Countries like Great Britain and Spain seek to stop the contagion. Differences and similarities with the first days.

The world registered this Friday more than 30 million cases of coronavirus and some 946,000 deaths; a pandemic spreading across Europe with a transmission rate “alarming”.

And not only Europe is back on the ropes, remembering the nightmare of March and April. As of this Friday, Israel It was confirmed again in a national quarantine, just when the season of the Jewish holidays begins, which generates discontent in a large part of its inhabitants.

Another country that does not rule out completely reconnecting is Great Britain.

Boris Johnson’s government warned on Friday that it could reimpose a lockdown all over England to counter the coronavirus pandemic, noting that hospitalization rates they double every eight days.

“We want to avoid a national lockdown but we are prepared to do so if necessary,” Health Minister Matt Hancock told the BBC.

“We are prepared to do whatever is needed both to protect lives and to protect the economy, “he said while warning that new restrictions will be added to those already imposed as of this Friday in parts of northeast England.

The United Kingdom is the country of Europe more punished due to the pandemic, with more than 41,700 deaths confirmed by covid-19.

And the number of new cases is reaching levels not seen since April.

“We have also sadly seen that the number of people hospitalized with coronavirus is doubling every eight days, so we have to take action,” Hancock stressed.

According to various outlets, government scientific advisers have proposed a general lockdown across England for two weeks, in October to coincide with the English school holidays.

From this Monday, the meetings of more than six peopleexcept schools, workplaces, places of worship and sporting events.

And as of this Friday, in several towns in the northeast of England that number almost two million people, it is forbidden to meet between different homes and all entertainment venues will have to close between 10 and 5.

Given the increase in infections, some media said that the government could extend these rules to the entire country before October.

The World Health Organization (WHO) expressed its concern this Thursday about the “alarming” rate of transmission of the coronavirus in Europe.

“The September figures should serve as an alarm for all of us” in Europe, where the number of cases is higher than those registered in March and April, declared from Copenhagen the director for the WHO region, Hans Kluge.

Hospital admissions and deaths have yet to experience a similar increase, although Spain and France are experiencing an upward trend.


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