Theatrical season in Mar del Plata and Carlos Paz: still an unknown

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The artistic activity is still pending and depends on the implementation of sanitary protocols, which will be the same for all theaters in the country. There are ideas of works, but no certainties.

The theater was one of the most affected by the pandemic and quarantine. Theaters, one of the first public spaces to close, remain inactive throughout the country. And the question of whether they will reopen before the end of the year is not answered for now.

For this reason, the traditional theatrical season in Mar del Plata and Carlos Paz is also unknown. Entrepreneurs are in constant dialogue with national authorities, both in the area of ​​Health and Culture, to develop health protocols that allow the gradual return of functions with the public.

When those measures are put in place, will govern equally for all theaters in the country.

There is no room in the country that is working. I answer for Mar del Plata, but the situation is the same in Carlos Paz, throughout the Atlantic Coast from San Clemente to Las Grutas and in all the squares that have summer rooms, “he tells Clarion producer Carlos Rottemberg. “The concrete thing is that, when a protocol begins to work, it will be the same for all”, in addition to the seasons.

From the Argentine Association of Theater Entrepreneurs (AADET), its owner, Roberto Bisogno, says: “There is still no news of any kind regarding the reopening of theaters anywhere in the country. The city of Buenos Aires, which is where most likely should open, she is still detained because, according to the City Health Minister, it’s not time yet. So we don’t have a definition yet. “

In March, in front of the mirror of the coronavirus in the world, Rottemberg maintained that 2020 was a lost year for theater productions. And he stressed that, this time, it was not possible to apply that traditional maxim that says “the show must go on“.

The pandemic modified until that leit motif of show business. “That phrase so from our environment is not applicable in this context, when health is imposed and human lives are at stake“, he assures.

And he adds: “I am in daily contact with theatrical communities in Mexico, London, New York and Spain and, both in those that are open and in those that are closed, the problem is the same.”

And he explains that, in order for a theatrical season to take place, both in Mar del Plata and Carlos Paz, cities have to be prepared to receive tourists and define protocols in all other activities, including public transport, for example.

“For that to happen you need a Mar del Plata in motion in spring, actually a country in motion in spring“, he affirms.” Because rehearsing living with the virus in summer would complicate us without rehearsals in spring. We must get used to living with this Covid-19, which until science demolishes it is here to stay “.

While the theatrical activity continues for streaming and other variants, in the halls of the official circuit of the City of Buenos Aires new modalities are tested, such as the filming of works designed especially for this format and that are tested under strict sanitary protocol.

On the other hand, Rottemberg remembers two figures of the theatrical environment who died from coronavirus year: the director Agustin Alezzo and the actor Hugo Arana. And he says: “One is very shocked not to be respectful and, at the same time, have the imperative need to work. It is a delicate balance that the health situation forces.”


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