Cristiano Ronaldo He has left a controversial message on social networks, commenting on the last post he shared on his Instagram account. The Portuguese will miss his Juventus game against FC Barcelona for being infected with coronavirus, almost two weeks after his first positive.

Along with a publication that showed “feeling good and healthy“He commented”PCR sucks”, Unleashing all kinds of responses to a message that he deleted shortly after, seeing the controversy generated.

Cristiano’s controversial comment

The Juventus footballer, given his positive with the Portugal team on October 13, has been confined to his home since then. In any case, his presence in the duel against Barça was not ruled out until this Tuesday when the last PCR to which he was subjected had a positive result.

This did not sit well with the striker, who Has exploded with the aforementioned comment in networks. A message that, in addition to feeding the deniers, attracts attention coming from a whole benchmark of sport and health.

What’s more, his sister has already shown her skepticism with the pandemic, classifying it as the “major fraudThey have never seen. “If he has to be a Christian to wake up the world, I have to say that he is predestined, one sent by God. Starting today, thousands of people will no longer believe in the pandemic, in the tests and in the measures taken with me. It is the biggest fraud ever seen, ”he wrote.

‘Zasca’ by a famous virologist

Reactions of disbelief have not been long in coming, among which is that of one of the most renowned virologists in Italy, Roberto Burioni, who replied with an ingenious sarcasm. “I welcome my colleague Cristiano Ronaldo to the large group of virologists. He will be of great use in the next match against ophthalmologists,” he wrote.

Burioni, 57, is a professor in microbiology and virology at the University of Vita-Salute San Raffaele in Milan