It was shortly after five in the afternoon in the quiet Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, a suburb of Paris, when police were informed of a body lurking in the street. When the police arrived on the scene, the man opened fire on them and tried to stab them as they approached him.

Police fired nine shots per man. He later died at the hospital.

The young man was armed with an air gun and a knife. The instrument, a 35-centimeter knife, was found next to the victim’s body.

Teacher Samuel Patyn killer, 18-year-old Russian Abdullakh Anzorov did not know the teacher and had no connection to the school where Paty taught.

Prosecutor against terrorism Jean-Francois Ricard told Anzorov that according to a preliminary investigation, Anzorov had languished outside the school and asked students where he could find Paty.

Paty, 47, is believed to have been targeted because in early October he had shown his students cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad as part of the teaching of freedom of expression. The issue was topical, as the trial of the Charlie Hebdo attacks began in France in September.

In an attack in January 2015, two extremist Islamists killed 12 people in a satire newspaper office. The magazine had published cartoons of Muhammad. In the second attack, a third terrorist killed first police and then four people in a Jewish supermarket. All three were killed when they were arrested by police. There are 14 people on the dock who are suspected of helping the terrorists.

Not all of the school’s parents liked Paty’s way of teaching. The father of one of the students started a campaign in which he demanded the dismissal of Paty, who taught history and geography.

He had spoken to the school management and posted on social media articles and videos in which he attacked the teacher.

That father is one of 11 people interrogated in connection with the act. Prosecutor Ricard said the man’s half-sister joined the terrorist organization Isis in Syria in 2014, and that a search warrant has been issued for this. Among those arrested is also a man who had been with his father so far to school to complain about Paty and who helped him produce some videos.

In addition, at least four of Anzorov’s relatives, little brother, grandparent and parents have been arrested.

“Immersed in religion”

According to his papers, Anzorov was born in Moscow, but was originally from the Sunni-majority Chechen majority in the Caucasus in Russia. He was a refugee in France and received a 10-year residence permit earlier this year. He had come to France with his family 12 years ago, at the age of six.

He lived in Évreux in Normandy, just over an hour’s drive from Conflans-Sainte-Honorine.

According to neighbors, Anzorov was a “low-key” young man who had been “immersed in religion” for the past three years.

According to Ricard, Anzorov had confirmed that he had sent a terrible picture to his Twitter account after the act, in which he had taken the act in his name, described by the president. Emmanuel Macronia “A leader of the disbelievers,” and said he wanted revenge on all who belittled the prophet.

The leaders of the French Chechen and Muslim communities condemned Anzorov’s act.

– Civilization does not kill an innocent person, barbarism kills, an imam of a Bordeaux mosque Tareq Oubrou commented to the French media.