According to an old saying, F1 always races where strawberries are fresh, but this weekend the harvest season is overdue.

Driving on the Nürburgring track, the Eifel GP is driven into male memory in the coolest conditions. The readings on the thermometer have not hurt the Finnish autumn weather.

When the temperature is below ten degrees, the line feels annoying for drivers speeding on the track. McLaren Lando Norris had time to ask his fingers for warmth during Saturday’s rehearsals.

Iltalehti’s F1 expert Jyrki Järvilehto believes the latter was a new experience for the British.

– It shouldn’t have felt so bad with so many temperatures. Even the Finns drive in the cold and we do well. Perhaps Norris is used to the warmest conditions, even though he is from the British. Maybe the guy has poor blood circulation in his fingers, Järvilehto laughs.

However, Järvilehto understands McLaren’s British. When there is only a couple of degrees of heat, which is less than the Nürburgring, you can already feel it.

The F1 car leaves the driver’s head and hands exposed to cold air. The lake lion has also experienced how it feels at a couple of degrees Celsius.

– When we tested in northern Italy in December, there was only a couple of degrees of heat. The adrenaline helped, but yes it started to feel like it did in the end.

Norris also has to endure cold fingers in Sunday’s race. According to forecasts, the temperature will not exceed ten degrees, in addition to which the rain can wet the Driving Gloves to top it all off.

The video above in Iltalehti’s F1 studio discusses the effect of cold air on the performance of a formula car.