The young doctor who warned Covid-19 patients to say his last goodbye, was also shot down by the virus

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In the first wave of Covid-19, last March, David Burkard, a young ER doctor, had the tough task of letting patients at Spectrum Health Systems in Grand Rapids, Michigan know when it was time to say goodbye to their families. What he did not know is that the same virus that killed those patients was also going to change his after contracting it, according to CNN.

In his tough third year of residency, the 28-year-old sanitary even came to think that I wanted to contract the virus and “get it over with”, It has been recognized. For being a young athlete who ran five days a week, played volleyball, had a healthy diet and had no major underlying problems, he felt that “there was no real possibility that he would have to be hospitalized.”

However, his suspicions were incorrect, because after testing positive for coronavirus everything changed. It started with a fever and cough but after three days things improved markedly until the sixth day. “I got out of bed. I went to make a sandwich and moved around my apartment a bit, and I couldn’t catch my breath “, says the doctor.

The young man was admitted to the hospital for which he worked where isolation, loneliness and the suffocating sensation of being out of breath was a terrifying experience. Of course, it recognizes that can’t “be more grateful with the nurses, phlebotomists and doctors who continued to treat me with a smile under their masks. “

Two weeks after testing positive,still can’t walk without having trouble breathing and he has decided to stay home, where he has had time to see the reactions on social networks to his diagnosis from those who still do not believe in the reality of this virus. “Many people have told me … that I am a hoax. Someone reported me on Facebook for being a false profile,” he confessed.

Burkard acknowledges that he loves being an ER doctor and his face lights up when he talks about going back to work but that will have to wait, at least until he is strong enough for the intense and exhausting shifts. Meanwhile, he feels guilty knowing that his colleagues are working so hard as he the coronavirus affects more and more people.



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