The world list of millionaires is reduced by 0.1% after the pandemic but they grow in China, the United States and Germany

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The number of people with a wealth of more than a million dollars has fallen with the pandemic, but only slightly, in about 56,000 people (0.1% of the total), so the amount of these fortunes remains at 51.9 million, highlighted today the Informs Global sober Riquera from Credit Suisse.

China was the country where the increase in the number of millionaires was greater in the first six months of this year (365,000 more), followed by the Netherlands (74,000) and Germany and the United States, both with 58,000 new fortunes.

On the other side, and harmed by the stock market fluctuations but above all by the changes in exchange rates against the dollar in their countries, the United Kingdom lost 241,000 millionaires, Brazil 116,000 and Mexico 56,000, according to the annual study of the second largest Swiss bank.

The report recalls that these millionaires, who they represent 1% of the world’s adult population, they own 43.4% of global wealthl, while only 2% of it is owned by people with assets of less than $ 10,000, which account for 54% of the world’s adults.

With the almost absence of changes at the top of the economic pyramid, The United States is still the country with the most millionaires on the planet, 20.2 million (39% of the total), in second position is China, with 5.7 million (11%) and third is Japan, with 3.3 million (6%). They are followed by the United Kingdom, which accounts for 5% of global millionaires, while Germany and France have 4% each, Canada, Australia and Italy 3%, and Spain, India, South Korea and the Netherlands 2 %.

Despite the stability of the figures, Credit Suisse highlighted in its report that there is a great mobility in great fortunes, with “an unusually large number of new millionaires and an equally large number of ex-millionaires.”

If only the group of super-millionaires (people with a wealth of more than 50 million dollars) is attended to, it follows that the pandemic has made even less of a dent in that group, since their number has only decreased by 0.06% (122 less), so it remains at around 175,600.

In this group, China was also the great beneficiary, with 1,330 new hires in the first half of this year, followed far behind by Switzerland (184 more) and the United States (121). In contrast, there are now 609 fewer super millionaires in Brazil, 398 fewer in the United Kingdom, 159 fewer in Canada and 154 fewer in Mexico, always according to Credit Suisse data.

The United States remains the country with the most fortunes of this magnitude, with half of the total (more than 89,000), while 21,000 super millionaires are Chinese, 6,500 Indians, 3,900 British and 3,700 French. Spain is not in the top 10 of this list, although it is a country with more than 1,882 super millionaires, 78 less than at the end of 2019.



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