The World Champion racing car is resurrected by the Vanwall

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Vanwall was considered one of the most successful racing teams of the 1950s, as it was the first British team to win a British Grand Prix in Formula One. In fact, Vanwall is tied to the first constructors’ world championship victory, with Tony Brooks and Sir Stirling Moss, who died in the spring, knocked the cup off Ferrari’s hand in 1958 (the announcement was announced for the first time that year) – although there was another scoring at the time. valid: the better result was calculated in the given race, and at the end of the year the two worst results were taken out of the picture.

Then, in late 1961, he retired from the racing circus, founded by Tony Vandervall, an Acton-based constructor. In 2012, speedboat champion Iain Sanderson then purchased the right to use the Vanwall name from auto parts supplier Mahle. And the businessman is now reviving the brand: the once world champion is building six more copies of the VW5. Five of these are also for sale, each for £ 2 million, which equates to around £ 800 million – and the sixth will be owned by the Vanwall Historic Racing Team.

The project will feature Hall and Hall, which specializes in the restoration and preparation of historic racing cars, with Sanderson’s help. The company, based in Bourne, Lincolnshire, has also been heavily involved in filming Rush. “Vanwall is too important to rely on history. For many, the Vanwall story is still untold, even though it is a great British story about innovation and success, and it shows what happens when you put together the right team and push yourself without fear towards a clearly defined goal. ” Sanderson said.

He resurrects his world champion racing car in the Vanwall 2

That is why we thought, on this anniversary, it was time to celebrate this British success story. It is a worthy tribute to their historic success to faithfully recreate the 1958 championship winning car with six, 100% accurate and authentic copies. The DNA that has made this car so successful provides an inspiring foundation for the future of the Vanwall brand. I can’t wait to share this at the right time

He added mysteriously. The original Vanwall vase was designed by Lotus boss Colin Chapman, and the aerodynamic details were developed by Frank Contin, sister of Cosworth co-founder Mike Contin. With the VW5, Brooks and Moss won three each.

He resurrects his world champion racing car in the Vanwall 3

A refurbished version of the unique 2.5-liter powerplant is included in all six copies. The four-cylinder engine produces 270 horsepower. Incidentally, the announcement notes that one of the goals of the current project is to map out how the DNA of the historic Vanwall brand could be implanted in the car of the 2020s as well.




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