The works in the Monumental are progressing and a historical claim of the River fans came true

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Changes were made in the high Centennial, which will improve the vision of the games. But the modifications go much further.

The plays in the Monumental stadium they continue to advance. And not only on the field of play, but also in the stands. In the last hours, River published some photos that show the new arrangements that were made in the Centenario Alta, where the fences were removed and the eaves were removed. Thus, that sector will be similar to that of the Sívori high stand, the other header, and the vision of the fans who are located there will be facilitated when they can return to the field.

In this way, the fans can have a better experience with what happens on the field of play. And a long-standing claim will be filed that since the high Centennial, games cannot be seen well.

The River leadership took advantage of the stoppage due to the coronavirus pandemic to start a postponed work and it has been almost three months. It began by lowering the playing field 1.80 meters, which will not generate flood risks, and the running track was removed. This will allow to increase the capacity from 70 to 80 thousand spectators when low stalls are installed closer to the lawn, which will take place in a second stage.

Meanwhile, during this month the filling and compaction will be completed in the playing field, in which an aeration technology will be installed for a stronger and healthier grass. On the other hand, the ventilation mechanism in roots with cold and heat (which avoids the seasonal deterioration of the grass) will allow to remove excess water quickly on days of intense rain.

These works that are being carried out in the Monumental, and that will cost approximately 177 million pesos, began in August. With trucks and excavators working around the clock, the idea is that Marcelo Gallardo’s team can play there again between February and March of next year. By that time, the soil will have a hybrid system (5 percent will not be natural), with the intention of avoiding the problems that were generated due to poor water absorption on stormy days. And, furthermore, make it a billiard, as Doll.

If all goes well, River will have a floor similar to that of the stadiums of Barcelona (Camp Nou), Real Madrid (Santiago Bernabéu), Manchester United (Old Trafford) and the Luzhniki from Russia, in which seven games were played in the last World Cup.

Aeration technology will aid root development and contribute to the growth of healthier and stronger grass that will have lower maintenance costs, while natural grass reinforced with fiber injection technology will allow the court to have more hours of use than a traditional one.

On the other hand, the Monumental will also have hyperconnectivity. To this end, the stadium will be equipped with the latest high-density WIFI / WiFi6 technology, which will allow all fans to globally improve the experience with their devices by being all connected to the same WiFi network at the same time. To do this, devices will be strategically located in the low, middle and high stands, boxes, hospitality, confectionery, central hall and microstadium, paddock and museum, among other spaces.



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