The representative team of the Jyväskylä Ball Club, which plays in the National Football League, set out on Saturday to spend a cottage trip to the landscapes of Riihivuori.

However, the night ended with a quarrel with a party in a neighboring cottage.

An update spread on social media on Sunday stating that the women’s representative team went in the middle of the night to wake up those in the adjoining cottage. As a result, part of the neighboring party was frightened.

The situation became controversial, and eventually the police were also called to the scene.

Alcohol share

According to Som, the JyPK player or players had started the incident by going to a neighboring cottage.

Executive Director of JyPK, reached by Iltalehti Petri Oksanen explained in more detail how the events he had heard had begun. However, it was not disputed by the club that the dispute arose from the capture of a team player or players.

– With regard to the club and the league team, we have apologized to the representative of the neighboring cottage insofar as there have been excesses on the part of individuals on our team. Today we will meet again with the whole team. The chairman and vice-chairman of the board of the club also hear the persons concerned.

– It is true that one player has gone to wake up the people in the adjacent cottage, and they are rightly startled. According to what I heard, a couple of people in the neighboring cottage had still been sitting in the morning with a couple of players on our team, and then the idea of ​​visiting the people sleeping in the neighboring cottage came up, after which the situation had escalated, Oksanen said.

Oksanen states that alcohol has had an effect on the events.

Police issued a remark

In addition to the players, there were also team coaches and background people, the head coach Tuomas Jaakkola including.

A neighbor of the cottage accused Soma of behaving in a threat. The head coach denies the claim.

– When the frightened neighbors came to our cottage, I asked them to leave. There has been no violence or intimidation. I only asked one person to quit smoking or else I would take the tobacco from him myself, Jaakkola says.

The head coach emphasizes that it was a free-form evening party, to which the coaching and background people were also invited.

According to Jaakkola, the police gave the team a remark about the disturbing behavior and too loud music playing, but nothing suggesting a crime was recorded and the matter was clarified on the spot in cooperation with everyone.

Iltalehti asked the Inland Finland police about the matter on Monday. No criminal reports had been made.

Executive Director Oksanen was in contact with the person who wrote the publication on Sunday. According to him, there was a good co-operation discussion about what happened, and the executive director regretted what had happened on the part of the club and the team. The apologies were positively received.

– We also have recordings that our players had apologized for what had already happened on the spot and tried to calm the situation.

The JyPK will issue a press release after consulting all parties.

– The club takes such things very seriously. Nothing like this should happen. The players and coaches represent the team and also follow in their free time, Oksanen adds.

He was the first to report on the events of the cottage evening Central Finn.