The Wolf Of Snow Hollow: werewolves and provincial sheriffs in the trailer for an unusual horror

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In a small mountain town in Utah, United States, horribly disfigured corpses are found after each full moon. The local deputy sheriff – a former alcoholic struggling with a failed marriage, a teenage rebellious daughter, and a string of goofy colleagues – will become obsessed with finding what he wants to convince at all costs to be a human killer and not, as many think, a werewolf.
This, in a nutshell, is the plot of a film entitled The Wolf of Snow Hollow which, judging by the first trailer that we propose below, it seems unusual and intriguing in its mix of tones ofhorror with those of black comedy and with those of the most bizarre and nonconformist spirit ofAmerican indie.

Writing, directing and interpreting the film in the lead role (which he called “an asshole, a bulldozer, one who listens to no one”) was Jim Cummings, multifaceted character who in 2018 had made himself known with a small film called Thunder Road, winner of the Grand Jury Prize al South by Southwest of the same year.
With him in the cast, Cummings wanted Robert Forster (the father of the protagonist, true sheriff of the city), who right in The Wolf of Snow Hollow made his last appearance before he died in October last year, and Riki Lindhome, actress recently seen in Murder Dinner – Knives Out but who in America is known above all as a comic interpreter and part of the comic-musical two Garfunkel and Oates.
The film will debut in the US in theaters and digitally distributed by Orion Classics.
The song which is the soundtrack to the trailer for The Wolf of Snow Hollow is “Little Red Riding Hood” of Ok.

The Wolf of Snow Hollow: il trailer


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