the winners of a hybrid but very successful edition

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Al Carbonia Film Festival trionfano Europa “Based on a True Story”, Overseas, Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets.

The 2020 edition of the Carbonia Film Festival ended successfully and with the announcement of the winning films, the cinematographic event dedicated to migration and work, two fundamental and above all current themes. After six intense days of cinema, here is the verdict of the juries.

The Jury of the International Feature Film Competition, composed Paolo Bertolin, Marcello Sannino e Manuela Buono, awarded the Best Film Award, worth 4,000 euros, a Europa, “Based on a True Story” of Kivu Ruhorahoza, with the following motivation: “The jury has decided to report a work that dialectically incorporates in its form the personal and political reflection of the filmmaker. His film questions the role of cinema in the contemporary discussion on the identity and representation of the migrant. The questions and contradictions that the director raises through the filmic text activate an open and fruitful dialogue with the viewer “.

He won instead the Ucca Carbonia Film Festival Award for the best film of the International Feature Film Competition, worth 1,000 euros and awarded by a jury appointed by the Unione Circoli Cinematografici dell’Arci and composed of Antonio Borrelli, Marino Canzoneri e Chiara Malerba, Overseas of Sung-A Yoon. Here is the motivation: “For the ability to tell with irony and empathy through an unusual cross-section – a migration training school – the condition of women forced to submit to an inhumane work regime in a foreign land, all returned with a sum conscious stylistic, which, through the use of the room and the care of the composition, manages to collect the synthesis of that experience “.

the winners of a hybrid but very successful edition

The jury also awarded one Special mention a Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets of Bill & Turner Ross “For the idea of ​​showing how a place can become a space for confrontation and encounter of a humanity on the margins, often obscured in the contemporary narrative of the United States and in extraordinary contrast to the American dream”.

The Audience Award, worth 1,000 euros, attributed by spectators who were able to vote online, went to Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets of Bill & Turner Ross, with an average rating of 4.84 out of 5.

the winners of a hybrid but very successful edition

Moving on to the International Short Film Competition, the Sardegna Film Network Jury, composed of the network of Sardinian film festivals – gathered under the aegis of the Sardegna Film Commission Foundation – of which they are part Joe Bastardi, Dolores Calabrò, Massimiliano Mazzotta, awarded the International Short Film Competition Award, of 1,000 euros, a So What If The Goats Die of Sofia Alaoui “For the ability to stage the spectrum of human urgencies, and at the same time overturn the balance, relativizing the meaning of our existence; and for having done so using a fresh and never flattering language”.

the winners of a hybrid but very successful edition

The jury also awarded one Special mention a Genius Loci of Adrien Merigeau “For the impetuous aesthetic force through which he returns the inner world of the protagonist; for having brought us into a world made up of sensations, fears and anxieties, giving us the opportunity to visualize them”.

The Youth Cinema Jury Award for the best short film, assigned by a jury composed of participants and participants in the Carbonia Cinema Giovani Program which this year took place online, for a value of 500 euros, always went to Genius Loci of Adrien Merigeau “For the wise and refined use of a surprising, vibrant and Kandinskyan animation. The viewer is catapulted into the psyche of a young girl, torn between cultural prejudices and social classism, lost in the chaos of the city, an enemy cage but also not – anthropomorphic space where everything is possible. Mystical and surreal journey that becomes liberation, catharsis, dissolution of the ego in the magma of the existing, going beyond the question of identity. A perfect combination of magic and perturbation make this work an example of what cinema can do: becoming-all of forms and sounds in perennial metamorphosis “.

the winners of a hybrid but very successful edition

Finally, a jury made up of students from higher education institutions Gramsci Amaldi e Angioy of Carbonia e Luxury of Sant’antioco paid the CFF Scuole Jury Prize, worth 500 euros, still a Genius Loci of Adrien Merigeau “For the fluid and intense animation that highlights the great sensitivity of the author and the ability to represent, through the chaotic atmosphere of the metropolis, the restlessness of the human genius. An interesting reference to the Genius Loci of the ancient Greco-Roman culture “.

The winning films, which will be awarded this evening in Carbonia, will be available in free streaming throughout the national territory again for Sunday 11 October on the festival platform.


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