The Rain has been arrested accused of try to murder her husband, the ex-footballer Emre Asik, through a hitman to whom he offered more than a million euros to carry out the murder. He previously did the same with his lover, Erdi Sungur, but he also did not agree to Yagmur’s request.

Both Erdi and Yagmur were detained and the first of them began to uncover the plan. “I have an affair with Yağmur. She was only thinking of inheriting the fortune after Emre Asik’s death. She asked me to kill him, but I refused. Once he brought me a piece of meat. He wanted me to shoot the meat. I tried to do it, but closed my eyes. “

That was when Yagmur contacted a hitman to the one who offered 10 million lire, approximately 1,120,000 euros, for murdering her still husband. In fact, according to the indictment, the Turkish woman provided him with the weapon and they even looked for safe places to bury and hide the corpse in rural areas near the Düzce.

Fortunately for the former player, the hitman changed his mind at the last moment and ended confessing him all the plans of the one who is his wife since 2012.

For now, Yagmur, Erdi and the hit man meet detained at the judge’s disposal, pending the holding of the first hearing at the Düzce High Criminal Court.