The White House, the new focus of coronavirus in Washington

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In less than a week the coronavirus has reached the heart of the White House. The list of infected in the inner circle of Donald Trump – including him – does not stop growing. The names are in addition to the nearly seven and a half million Americans infected less than a month before the November 3 presidential election. The domino effect in the Administration began Thursday night with Hope Hicks, the US president’s senior adviser, and four other names have already been added this Monday, including that of White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany.

The 74-year-old US president announced that he tested positive early Friday. That same afternoon, he was transferred to Walter Reed military hospital, where he was admitted for 72 hours. The days before, the Republican participated in numerous events in which the recommended social distance was not respected and he was seen without a mask. The president decided to be voluntarily discharged from the hospital after a treatment with dexamethasone, the experimental drug Remdesivir and an experimental antibody therapy. As soon as he got to the White House, he removed his mask.

The 50-year-old first lady also announced that she had been infected early Friday morning. Unlike her husband, she has been a recluse in the White House. Melania Trump traveled to Cleveland last Tuesday to attend the presidential debate. Like the rest of the Trump family, she removed her mask during the event. The White House has reported that the first lady “continues well” and that her only symptoms are “mild cough and headache.”

The presidential adviser was the first in Donald Trump’s inner circle to test positive for coronavirus. Hicks, 31, traveled to Cleveland with the president on Tuesday to attend the debate and was seen without a mask at the Air Force One. The next day, when his symptoms began, he accompanied Trump on a trip to Minnesota where the Republican held a massive rally.

Within hours of the president and first lady announcing that they had tested positive, the president of the Republican National Committee also announced it. A member of her family had also been infected. McDaniel, 47, was with Trump on Thursday and Friday of last week, but they have reported that he tested negative two days before being in contact with the president. Since Saturday, she has been held at her home in Michigan.

The Republican senator from Utah announced Friday that he had tested positive on Thursday. Lee attended Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination ceremony for the Supreme Court held on the White House lawn last Saturday. More than half a dozen attendees at that event have tested positive in the past four days. In a video, the 49-year-old senator can be seen hugging several people, without a mask.

The president of the University of Notre Dame was among those attending Barrett’s nomination ceremony at the Rose Garden. The 66-year-old reverend did not wear a mask or maintain the recommended social distance during the ceremony. He has asked for forgiveness in this regard. Before the event, a test was done in which it was negative.

The Republican senator and a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee tested positive Friday afternoon. Tillis, 60, also came to the White House for Barrett’s nomination announcement and had met personally with her the previous Wednesday.

The 53-year-old former White House adviser announced Friday night that she tested positive for coronavirus. “My symptoms are mild (mild cough) and I feel fine,” posted Conway on Twitter, who had also participated in Barret’s nomination event at the Rosen Garden.

Trump’s campaign manager tested positive on Friday, forcing him to quarantine in cut-off time for the polls. Stepien, 42, had “mild flu-like symptoms,” according to a White House adviser.

The 66-year-old Wisconsin senator tested positive on Friday, becoming the third Republican senator to announce his infection in 24 hours. That same day Johnson participated in a fundraising event before the test results were known because he said he had not experienced any symptoms and was feeling fine. According to his version, he used a mask and kept the recommended social distance.

The former New Jersey governor announced Saturday that he had tested positive. “Today I will receive medical attention and keep the necessary people informed of my condition,” he wrote on Twitter. After consulting with his doctors, he checked into a medical center in Morristown that afternoon. Christie, 56, asthmatic, participated in preparations for Tuesday’s debate. That day the test came back negative.


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