Halloween season is very close and if not tell The Weeknd. The singer has published this Friday the video clip of his song Too Late and this, more than a music clip, resembles a horror short film.

Already at the beginning of the reproduction of this it is warned of what will come next. “Notice to parents and viewers. The following video has explicit content and shows graphic violence which may be offensive to some viewers, “appears in the ad.

This begins with an aerial image in which two women are heard talking. Little by little the camera gets closer and you can see in a car two women whose faces are semi-bandaged so they seem to have undergone some type of surgery that they are talking about.

Suddenly, the car stops when the girls find The Weeknd’s head in the middle of the road. One of them yells, “My God. How rude!” Soon after, the girls praise that the singer is “so hot” and “perfect” and bring their hero’s head to his mansion.

In her They appear bathing in the pool with it while licking and kissing the singer. We later see the two women searching the newspaper’s ad section and immediately after a dancer appears from striptease at home.

While he is undressing with a suggestive dance, one of the young women carries a knife with which cut neck to stripper to sew the head of the lead singer of The Weeknd to the body of this.

The music video, which has more than two million views on YouTube within hours of being published, wont leave anybody indiferent and its content is creepy.