The weapon that scares the whole world: this country has tested the hypersonic nuclear missile

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The Russian military has successfully launched a hypersonic nuclear missile. At a higher speed than other similar weapons, it raises big questions about its purpose.

Zircon Rocket, reports The Associated Press, was launched from the White Sea off the coast of Russia and successfully reached its target further north, in the Barents Sea. With the successful launch, which Russian President Vladimir Putin described as a “big event” for Russia, it seems that we have now entered the era of operational nuclear weapons that are flying too fast to block them.

In December last year, Russia announced that Avangard, a hypersonic launch vehicle that can fly 27 times the speed of sound and evade missile systems, was fully operational.

The short Russian announcement did not mention Avangard by name, but assuming it was used at launch, it would appear that there is now tangible evidence that the first world of a new weapon class is working as described.

For now, the details remain uncertain. But Putin said in 2019 that Zircon could travel a thousand kilometers (620 miles) at nine times the speed of sound, AP reports.

“Equipping our Armed Forces – military and navy – with the latest truly unparalleled weapons systems will certainly ensure our country’s long-term defense capability,” Putin said on Wednesday.

Why Russia created the rocket that can’t be stopped and how strong it is

Russia says it needs to protect itself. Thus, he worked to create a weapon of mass destruction that cannot be stopped. And it can be equipped with a nuclear warhead strong enough to do significant damage wherever it falls. Now, Russia claims to have installed this system.

For more than two years we have been hearing about Russia’s plan to create an unstoppable weapon. In the meantime, his name was revealed: Avangard. And technology assumes that the rocket can travel at hypersonic speed and cannot be stopped by a traditional anti-missile system. Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, officially unveiled it in 2018. Russia wants to make sure it has an advantage in a war with other countries, such as one with the United States.


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