The inhabitants of the región de Xianfeng, in Hubei (China) they were surprised to discover that the water in one of their rivers had turned green, from one day to the next, for no apparent reason.

Various videos of the surprising phenomenon, were posted on social media this Tuesday, and authorities were informed of the unusual tonality presented by the torrent.

“The flow of the Yemao river it was normal on Sunday and on Monday morning it was completely dyed green “, indicated a witness in a local newspaper.

In an official statement, Xianfeng water officials explained that the striking color of the water was due to the addiction of a sodium fluorescence marker, a non-toxic dye used for environmental measurement tasks.

The use of the substance is part of an ambitious plan, which intends to build a canal that connects the Yemao river with a nearby reservoir. In addition, the experts stressed that the dye is harmless and will disappear in no time without a trace.