The amount spent by the Secret Service to keep Donald Trump in his own hotels and golf clubs reaches 1.1 million dollars, writes The Washington Post based on a recently updated balance sheet.

According to the American publication, the presidency is a successful business for Trump.

For example, the rate for a room reserved for a Secret Service agent is $ 567 per night, even if there are indications that it may not come. It is a much larger sum than the $ 50 announced by Eric Trump, one of the three sons of the American president.

Moreover, Secret Service is billed even when a property is closed. For example, although it did not operate during the anti-coronavirus restrictions, the golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, issued a $ 21,800 bill for renting a cabin and other expenses.

Trump did not visit the Bedminister club while it was closed, but his daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner stopped there for the first night of Easter, despite restrictions at the time.

Donald Trump has been repeatedly accused of using the White House post for personal business. According to some reports, foreign delegations are also forced to stay in the American president’s hotels.