the volunteers Trump has turned into corruption

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In summer the alarms began to sound. The coronavirus pandemic threatened to force the closure of thousands of voting centers by the difficulties of recruiting enough citizens to deal with the polling stations the November 3. The April primaries in Wisconsin they had served as a window to the future. A city of 600,000 inhabitants as Milwaukee had passed from 180 polling stations to just five, forcing their voters to wait until more than four hours in line to be able to vote. All this in the middle of the health crisis. Sports stars as LeBron James launched a campaign to mobilize citizens by appealing to the civic responsibility and the need to preserve the right to vote. And companies like Gap O Banana Republic they gave paid parties to the employees who were paid to work in the elections. Here a working tuesday.

Were needed around 1.2 million volunteers to be able to celebrate them normally, according to Democracy Works. Thousands of young boys took the step forward, assuming a role that traditionally has fallen on the pensioners, now confined to their homes. In the United States ‘poll workers’ They are always volunteers, although they are paid for that tedious work that consists of check registry lists, verify identities, open envelopes, scan votes, count them, tabulate them, generally the minimum salary. But that civic army is now in the center of suspicions of half a country, after the president Donald Trump have pointed them out as the architects of that “Massive fraud & rdquor; that no local authority or independent observer has detected.

“Mass fraud”

“The table workers in Michigan They were duplicating ballots. When our observers tried to see what they were doing, they tried to block their field of vision & rdquor ;, he said Thursday, repeating the unfounded allegations he has been making since long before the elections. Accused them of cook the result, “Counting votes in secret rooms & rdquor ;, taking off his sleeve “Mysterious ballots& rdquor; or walling up windows to obscure the work of the ‘observers’. “It is a corrupt system and makes people corrupt, although not by nature & rdquor ;, he said during those surreal minutes without presenting a single paper, a photograph, a proof. Nothing.

In that legion of “corrupt & rdquor; there are voters Democrats, republicans e independent. “We were all identified by our party affiliation. But no one spoke of who he had voted for. We participate in our democracy and there was nothing ugly about it & rdquor ;, has written Evelyn Smith en ‘The Washington Post’, an economics student who participated in the Michigan count. Like all his colleagues, he had to leave the phone in the car or at the entrance and, during the 13 hours that he spent counting votes, he was totally incommunicado of the outside world. Interveners of both parties they watched over the work, approaching the tables, asking questions and challenging, if necessary, any action contrary to the rules.

Windows boarded up in Detroit

“Counting involves so many steps, so many layers of review and supervision, which is virtually impossible to falsify a single vote & rdquor;Smith wrote. The president and his supporters seem convinced otherwise. Many have stood guard outside counting centers in Michigan since Tuesday, Arizona, Florida o Georgia. Some, armed, shouting pout slogans, banging on doors, harassing ‘poll workers’. By way of proof, they claim that a Detroit place wooden panels on the windows to impede their vision or will not let the republican observers, as Trump said.

What actually happened was that, by then, they had already far exceeded the 134 auditors of each party to which the Michigan law lets be in the counting tales. And in the face of the Trumpistas’ attempt to break into the center, the police ordered the doors to be closed, as published by ‘The Detroit News’. One of many bullying episodes of these days against the ‘poll workers’.

At the gates of a Palm Bach Electoral College (Florida), the Trump supporters blocked access with their vans, adorned with MAGA flags and QAnon, they put on thunderous music to disturb the work inside, They called the African-American president of the school ‘nigger’ election and shook some of the volunteers, sAccording to lawyer Jeffrey Kasky, in The Sun Sentinel, who signed up to work at one of the tables with the intention of “Contribute to democracy & rdquor;. Like hundreds of thousands of Americans. “I did not sign for this. I did not sign up to be threatened, harassed, reprimanded, shaken and even physically attacked. But I took all that and more with me & rdquor ;, wrote Kasky.



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