Pippa Laukka, a well-known wellness doctor from What You Eat, talks about a nasty surprise on Facebook that met his family a couple of weeks ago.

– Our home was hit by a sudden spike in tension, which disrupted whatever.

– By the time I took a shower in the morning, I noticed that the faucets were just cold water, which gradually made it clear that a surge had struck our house. Sudden electricity voltage shattered thousands of euros in household appliances and e.g. ground source heat pump, Laukka writes in his Facebook post.

You can access the Facebook post from this link.

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Iltalehti reached Lauka, who told me more.

– One night we were at home with the whole group when the lights suddenly went out. Of course, we thought the fuse had blown. It was already so late that we went to sleep and couldn’t help but wonder about it any more.

When Laukka only got cold water from his shower in the morning, the extent of the damage began to dawn.

– A couple of refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, microwaves, routers and the logic of the ground source heat pump and sewers broke down. Miraculously, for example, the dishwasher remained intact.

Electricians called to the scene verified a sudden electric spike.

– Our house is less than ten years old, so there should be no reason for this in principle. A power outage can cause a power surge, but that was not the case.

– In the end, it turned out that the connection of some of the cables in our electrical cabinet was loose, Laukka says.

For example, the danger of an electric fire from the spike was apparently not caused, but there was still luck in the accident that Lauka’s family was at home. The breakdown of sewer automation could have blown debris up from a neighbor’s floor drain.

The last couple of weeks have been spent investigating things and acquiring new machines. There has been enough work.

– There is a technical room in our detached house, which we have now turned to turn the knobs by hand, because the automation failed.

– And since the equipment will not arrive until next week, we have relied on a small spare refrigerator. Now I can say that welcome but peek into my fridge, there is pretty empty, Laukka laughs referring to the program he is hosting.

As he states in his Facebook post, home is the most beloved place in the world, and that’s why it’s certainly sad when something like this happens.

– You can’t prepare for everything. Devices make fewer mistakes than humans, but they do.

– And good luck in the accident, the mushrooms and berries I collected were in a chest freezer that remained intact. The crazy thing about this was that in the big grief, I was the first to start thinking about small things, i.e. berries! This is how the human mind works, Laukka says.