Accents have been, since time immemorial, one of the great topics to do humor. Many comedians they imitate, or did, people from other regions or countries to make jokes, usually to reinforce the joke in question without the intention of hurting sensibilities. Others, such as this case, is a reason for autoparody.

In the last hours the review of the day of the Premier League and of the Bundesliga of an African presenter. His difficulty saying team names like him Wolverhampton Wanderers, the West Ham United, the Borussia Dortmund or the Hoffenheim has generated numerous comments and laughs on social media.

Behind this inconceivable, and almost unintelligible, review of two of the main leagues in the world is the actor and television presenter Akwasi Boadi, alias ‘Acrobat‘.

This comedian presents the program ‘Real News’, a kind of ‘El Mundo Today’, on a channel in his native Ghana. There he is quite a celebrity, with participation in more than 100 films of the so-called Kumawood, the Ghanaian Hollywood.

Every day, in this program, he makes his particular analysis of national and international news, always with that particular accent and tone in his voice, especially when he has to use foreign names in English, German or French.